The Liebster Awards 2017 | Q&A


I was tagged by Áine over at A.M.Q. for the Liebster Awards - thanks so much this is my first nomination.
The Liebster Awards are a tag that promotes new bloggers with smaller followings.

The rules are:
•Answer the questions you were asked
•Tag 11 people who have under 200 twitter followers
•Create 11 new questions
•Recognize who tagged you!

My questions:

1- Why did you start blogging?
The reason I started Blogging is the same reason I still do it. It's a way of Creative outlet for whoever is reading, like Áine who tag me. 

2- What’s your favourite book?
I feel like I have so many books TBR right now and so many classics that I need to read (like 1984 by George Orwell), but I still wonder back to a classic of its own - The Diary of Anne Frank by Anne Frank - I know, I know... But is so sad and real and so many feels... I really recommend reading Annexed by Sharon Dogar, after You've read the Diary, it's an extension of the diary but told by Peter with a mix of fiction and reality. Love them Both!
For a more YA book, I really loved and still am in love with "The Fault in our Stars by John Green.

3- Aside from blogging, what other hobbies do you have?
I really am a "Creative Weirdo" (If you know this reference, you are amazing!) so I really love to paint, draw and more recently I've been loving doing Collages and Graphic Design (check My Blog Headers Section! SelfPromo). And also I'm an Economics Student in Uni! I know, that's very logic (Hihi)

4- If you could go anywhere on holiday, where would it be?
If it's within my beautiful country (Portugal), it would be in the Azores. I feel like it's the perfect combination of Nature and Modern Living, and also those views are inspiring and unique in the world.
If it's in Europe, Maybe Iceland or the Netherlands or even a Greek Island (for a more vacation feel). For the History, the Culture, the Peace, the discoveries. 
If it's everywhere else, I definitely go to South Korea or Japan.
(So many Choices!)

5- When you were small, what did you want to be when you grew up?
Wow, I wanted to be a Stylist (then I realised that Art is not a secure career), and then a Lawyer (then I realised There are too many lawyers) and the latest an Economist (A good decision. I'm loving it!). I know nothing over the top. 

6- Are you a dog person or a cat person?
CAT Person! I have a Cat of my own, it's my love!

7- What’s your favourite thing to watch on TV?
If it is a TV Series, right now it's a bit hard because their seasons ended in June. But I'm loving Shadowhunters Season 2B, let me know If you're watching it too!
(Mental Note: I need to do a Post on Tv Series!)
If it's everything else, I love house renovation shows (Do you remember Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, I used to love that show!) or MasterChef Kids, It's amazing how those kids cook!

8- Do you have something you want to achieve soon? What is it?
Yes. Travel, probably in an "ERASMUS way".

9- What are you proudest of?
You should always be proud of yourself for being you. It seems simple, Being Yourself, but it's a very challenging task. 

10- Do you have a favourite quote?
Me in a Quote:  "Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply." --Stephen R. Covey
And when I'm inspired: "Go the extra mile, it's never crowded"

11- What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten?
Until Today I cannot say One because I mix them. So the best ones are in my attitudes and values.

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My Questions to You:
1.  What's the most difficult thing about blogging, so far?
2.  Can you name 3 Blogs you look up to?
3.  What's your opinion about Social Media?
4.  What's your favourite Song/ Album/ Artist?
5. Have you travelled somewhere recently? If  Yes, Where? If not, Where would you like to go?
6.  What's your favourite sport?
7.  Where are you from?
8.  What 's a place in your country that you would like to visit?
9. What's the thing someone said or did that you loved?
10. Summer Song of the Year?
11. Do you have a favourite Fictional character?

Hope my questions aren't too hard! Thank You again to A.M.Q., such a darling! I loved doing this post!

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