Worth to Remember | week one


T o k i o  M y e r s

So sorry for not knowing this human before, he is brilliant. 
The way he moves music is a different type of art. 
When I saw him for the first time in that BGT audition I immediately wanted to hear more from him, you can't find that many youtube videos on him, but those why exist represent and show how much talent he was. 
Next response was to go on Spotify and search Tokio Myers, there is a page but it's still empty for now but I'm sure there will be music coming out!

Seasons Ending, Summer to Catch Up on TV Series!

I know, that time of the year when all the shows you are watching start to end and it will take months to the next season. Our it will end for good (Pitch - Still hoping for a new season!). 
I've been watching Blindspot, Arrow (On and Off), NCIS: LA, Prison Break (after five or so Years waiting - Yes!)

Waiting for the Season 2B of Shadowhunters!

This summer I need to watch the current season of The Originals and Anatomy of Grey, I also want to keep up with Scandal!
Realy excited to watch Thirteen Reasons Why and discover what everyone was been talking about! 
What are You watching right now? 

Hear the Recent music from the HAIM and the New Harry Styles' Album

Spotify and Chill! Some amazing music coming out, this new season. 
Waiting for Halsey's New album!
Listen to their New Music:
  • HAIM
  • Harry Stiles
  • AmPm
  • Sub Focus
  • Amber Mark
  • Foster The People
  • Two Door Cinema Club
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