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Portugal Won the Eurovision Song Contest 2017 in Kiev

13 of May 2017 - After 50 Something Years, Portugal Won the Eurovision Song Contest; 
"Music is not Fireworks, Music is Feeling.", he said. 
Only Europeans and fans of the Eurovision realise what a revolution happened last Saturday: no Political Polls, no South or North or East, Countries that had an established vote for decades and suddenly we saw a 360 on their polls. 
Almost a Decade was passed since a song in a national language was won. Create Peace (after the War, through music) is the founding motto of the Eurovision Song Contest, maybe this is the beginning of a new Era in the Eurovision.
Obrigada, Salvador Sobral!

Missing the Sound of My Smartphone

Relax - I'm not on my phone all day. 
As a university student, I need to keep my phone on mute every class so I just forget to turn the sound back on again.
I'm also a senses orientated person (Visuals and Sounds Inspire Me), so sometimes I miss the sound of a text or a phone call, I don't know my own ringtone. 
Muting my phone is one of the reasons I don't answer calls, I don't hear my phone ring!

Trying New Art Mediums

Doing art in a different way really excites me, pastels, collages, painting... Lately, I've been really In love with collages. The process of cutting pieces of paper in the perfect imperfect shape and in the different shades of colors keeps me coming back to this type of medium.

Already excited for the new 2017-2018 Planners from Mr.Wonderful

I know! Too soon! But with only a month and a few days to be done with my first Uni Year, I'm seeing my planner ending its days. All those stickers and beautiful pages are ending. The best stationary comes from Mr.Wonderful no one can deny that! 
Check their website! 
So I'm so excited to the next planner!
Stationery Crazy!

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