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The comments I mention were made on a YouTube Video, where people were introduced to a school for women that teach them how to be a good housewife.

Before anything, a funny thing that I came across was a self-centered behavior when talking about the USA, meaning that those comments when discussing this video always end up in the USA. Comments with the word “Western” being perceived as “only USA”, I even encounter some comments with “USA Feminism”. “Life outside the US”, “Living like in the US” This is a Problem not only from the East or the West, is a World Issue.

Comments (Majority Men):

  • “How a Women should Be/ Suppose to do”- “Submissive Wife” “True Women” “Some women want to be treated like Women” - Maybe the most popular comment.
  • Women only for Desk Job and with Low Productivity Rate
  • The concept of Feminism and feminists: 
    • "Motherhood", 
    • Women "Success", 
    • Low birthrates, 
    • “Dying Breed”, 
    • Women that “die alone, unhappy and depressed”,
    • “the biggest haters”, 
    • “Fat Ugly American Women”, 
    • “ugly, non attractive, never gonna taste happiness, old, lesbian, feminists carpet munchers”, 
    • “losing their feminine way”.
  • It is a different culture so we shouldn’t mess with them.
Have you seen any comments similar to these?

What they preach: 

  • An incentive to eliminate choice in Women - demanding a stay-at-home woman with the perfect body, married, obedient and heterosexual and if they have a job they will be unproductive and not capable of doing that job. 
  • Insist on Conveying the wrong meaning of Feminism. And a few also take the dirt of their shoulders hiding behind the “Different Culture” Card, refusing to acknowledge the issue.

My Thoughts:

  1. The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes (Is this Clear enough?)
  2. Organized activity on behalf of women's rights and interests
  • To everyone, anywhere, should be given the opportunity to choose their path in life. So no one should define the roles of genders in Society.
  • On that topic, a Women is not an animal. There are no True or Real or Perfect Women, Women cannot believe in the view that women need to look or behave a certain way.
  •  Just because it’s a different culture or country doesn’t mean we should ignore it if we did there would be no evolution in the world.
  • The Excuse of Cognitive Dissonance cannot be used again when we have girls and women who are forbidden to study, vote, to have opportunities because of policies and cultural beliefs.
My 2 Cents...
I will not show the images of those comments because that is giving them too much importance. 
If you've seen something wrong with the ideas on those comments, good! 
If not, maybe you have Cognitive Dissonance, and you reject any facts (or people) that give a different view on something you were taught to believe for all your life, think about it, maybe you are wrong.

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