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Mission - Social Media Minimal

Facebook was been bugging me, the content wondering around my Facebook is so uninformative and for lack of a better word, “Popular”, pleasing the masses with content with no actual information. The most famous way are in those little videos, they clutter me so much.

I’ve decided to cut down on Social Media in my personal life, because of the blog I can separate the content of the blog and the content of my life. In relation to the blog, I’ve already changed my Twitter to Illust Happy and my Pinterest too.

❥ Before living online, live offline. 
(These are the ones I did! You can change this according to your need and likes)
1. Choose max 3 (Personal) Social Media – Stick to it!
This is difficult at first, you have to evaluate the ones you don't check as often or use at all.) After that reduce the number, it doesn't have to be the top 3. I choose these!
The most refreshing Social Media! Social Media focus on Bloggers and Blogs! Useful information and created by real people who want to share their thoughts, opinions, images and life.
My personal Instagram is Private! My favourite!
Keeping it to a minimum, only friends and I use it like a contact list. It's not all bad, there are a handful of pages that I really love on Facebook - I post have a post on Bloglovin' listing those ones!

2. Only post (personally) if this a meaningful post 

...or share content that will add new information to others, If I don't want to see irrelevant I will not post irrelevant content, it's that simple!

3. Get rid of pages that only post unwanted content

I've been on Facebook for almost 7 and a half years, so many of the pages I liked back then aren't on my interest list right now. I deleted nearly 30 pages from my liked Pages.

4. Revise your friend's List 

There are maybe profiles that are no longer in use or have been replaced by others. On my profile, I deleted at least 10 profiles that were no longer in use or changed or just weren't people I knew.

5.Don’t be afraid to delete old post and pictures 

It's your face and it’s your privacy. So you have the right to delete them. Maybe there are a couple of old pictures that right now don't represent the person you are today, so delete them. This applies to Facebook, Instagram and all the others. 

6.Block people that are annoying you.

Yes, we all have those people! Just Block them! Time is money so don't waste it with nonsense!

These 6 steps really helped my Facebook and Instagram feed to be cleaner and more me!

Do have any more tips? Have You done something similar?
Tell me your opinion!
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