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I'm happy to start this segment on my blog. Social Media are something so time-consuming in our lives so I'm always trying to make it worth it. Whether that is Art, Photography or Lifestyle, I'll find your inspiration.
This week I'm focussing on Art and Illustration, one of my loves. On Youtube, you can find people that are willing to share their art and techniques for everyone. I've watched this 4 women for a long time and I've learned so much with them. These are people worth supporting!

Before starting the post, I'm posting for the first time on Bloglovin' and today It's an Add-On to this Post: A List of 20 Instagram Pages to Follow - Illustration Edition

Fran Meneses (Frannerd)-

I found her first on Instagram (Frannerd) and them I started watching her videos. She's from the UK and a full-time illustrator. Her style is so simple but so unique that makes us confident enough that we can draw (but in reality we can't). Her Instagram is full of little drawings of her life and bigger pieces. She also has an Etsy shop, where she sells her art!
With her in mind, I also love beebooties (Caroline Frumento) also an amazing illustrator with the cutest Etsy shop! 

Baylee Jae (Bumble Baylee)- 

It was the first YouTuber I watched on this topic initially, I watched her vlogs but rapidly I started watching her main channel. Her main focus is Copic markers, but you can see on some of her videos she's trying some other mediums but her strong feature are Copics, and we all love her for that!

Char Villena-

She was the latest Youtuber I started watching. She was an amazing talent for food Illustration with watercolors and she's also amazing in line art! Her Instagram is also amazing, very minimalistic, so much inspiration!

Karen Kavett-

More on the DIY side she is one of best in the community of Youtube and an amazing DIYer. Always funny and quirky, I love her tips and videos on Graphic Design! She has a segment on her channel reviewing artworks sent by viewers, its refreshing see someone else give opinions about the different design elements.

Also Amazing: Audra Auclair, H.C.Brown, Juicy Ink

Blogger's Note: I started this post with the title "Youtube Inspires Me", but I realize that my contact with these artists is usually on Instagram, so I've changed the title to "Youtube/Instagram Inspires Me: Art and Illustration"

And you? Who are the people that inspire you? Please let me know other artists to follow and get inspiration from!

Just for you to know, I Wasn't Sponsored by any of the links above! 
I really love these people's work!

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