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The recent events at the European Parliment made me think about women. 
In our "Modern" Society we, sadly, still need campaigns and incentives that try to empower women in the different aspects of life, in their jobs, in their family, in their own mind. Yes, their own mind!
Girls and Women need to look at females that made and are making a difference in the world (It doesn't need to be a famous person, it can be your own mother making a difference in your world) as role models to follow. In that way, the empowering process starts from a young age, where our opinions and thoughts are being formed and are developing. Making girls already predefine to not give up on harder tasks, to race against men in higher positions in companies or in their own country, to be confident to express their own opinions and make decisions that affect others, to defy the labels created by our brains...
Making words like, "Women must earn less than men because they are weak, are little and less intelligent than men" mean nothing, it only means something if you let it mean something.
So the focus of this post is not about those words is about empowering Females while empowering artists. Here we have some artworks available on Society6, a website that empowers artists allowing them to showcase their art.
These Five artworks represent a reminder to conquer our objectives as human beings but mainly to do it in a way that all the women we encounter in our lives see our actions as something they can replicate on their own lives.   
Frieda Art Print by Black Fury

Brutalized Gainsborough 2 by Chad Wys

UNTITLED by Hugo Barros
The Future is Female by Sofia Hawk

a certain kind od magic by LouiJoverArt
Please let these artworks empower you, 
whether you're a Girl, a Woman, a Boy, a Man or an LGBT.

I've decided to make this a segment in the Blog, every month an "Empowering Women" related post!

Just for you to know, I Wasn't Sponsored by any of the links above! 
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