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This year I decided to try to grow my blog, by improving content and stats! I've been on and off for a long time, but I really want to speak out and go out there! As a University Student it's a bit tight on time, especially with exams and all but we can do it! So this year I decided to write down my goals for 2017!

Blog Content 

This year I'd like to write More. That's it. I've like to write about lifestyle, beauty and fashion, maybe some Travelling, but also showcase my art and my experience with University (Tips on Studying, Living Alone...). I want to create great and useful content. Maybe some design Stuff....   I also have the goal to work with a Brand or Blogger this year!
Mental note: Trends, Hauls, Tips, Ideas... 
For that, I'll need to dedicate a bit more time to writing and planning posts, promoting them and also connecting with other bloggers!
This year I'm doing a lot of research for posts and to improve my blog in general, I love absorbing knowledge!

Social Media

I'm not in it for the fame but I want to share my "Brain" with others so I need people to do it, I have the experience of blogging to no one so, building a follower base is something I intend to do this year! 
I'd like to invest on my Bloglovin' and Instagram Followers. 
Hopefully get to 400 Instagram Followers and 100 Bloglovin' Followers!
I also have the goal to get 500 Followers on Pinterest.
All this with hard work and good content!


If you don't follow me I've been doing a "photo a day" kind of Instagram, last year I posted 201 photos. I really would like to keep going and really reach the 365 photos of 2017. 
With that comes the improving part, I really love photography so the improving part is something I really want to do.

If I don't accomplish these goals it's ok, the important is to keep going and persevere so that I can get to them! Happy New Year Everyone, Wishing all the best for you! Tell Me your goals for 2017, blog related or not!

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