7 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Great Again!


1. Choose your Theme Colors

Industrial: Black and White, and metals!

Or Mustard, White, with some greens or dusty blue and dark wood!
Always White, especially if it is a smaller bathroom! 
You can add any color to White and it always look put together, but stick with it!
(Big strips, always look interesting!)

Liz Marie Blog
C.P. Hart
Country Living

2. Clean or Paint Old Tiles (DIY!)

Yes, you can paint your tiles! 

If you have those old looking tiles, maybe, light blue, or pink or yellow, and every time you go into your bathroom you take a deep breath, yes now you can paint them white and start from a blank canvas!
It will make the room look bigger and lighter!
I found some helpful Pins and Articles! But always talk to a specialist about this topic, they will give a more detail and personalised opinion! Be careful there are pros and cons to painting tiles! 

Pink Little Notebook

3. Shower Curtains May Define Your Theme

Defining Feature!

The shower curtains are one of the major focus points in a bathroom, and you can see why: it's a big piece of fabric dividing a part of the room.
So make it count! You can choose to make it the piece that defines your theme, or you can't simply have a simple white curtain, with some other excentric piece in the room!
(If you can put some Glass instead of curtains!)

Love Grows Wild

4. Pick a Rug that goes with the flow

Go with the theme!

Another important feature in a bathroom is the rug, matching with your theme is always the way to go, making a room harmonious and with a good feel to it! If you already choose a statement shower curtain, keep the rug very simple. If not, make your Rug the statement! 
Favorite Paint Colors Blog

5.Change tap on the sink and shower

Changing the tap may seem small but the visual impact is massive! Dated tap with a modern looking decor ruins the design! More clean lines will always help you, Even with some classic elements, there are out there a number of designs that combine the old and the new!
Centsational Girl
Apartment Therapy

6.Change the Door knobs!

Yes, this makes so much difference! And you may choose whatever you want, there are so many types of door handles, small and simple or big and bulky, metals or colors. You can make it a conversation starter!
Anthropology is a Great Place for this, expensive but worth it!

7.Create storage and shelves

Trust Me, You do not want a Bathroom that looks like modern and designer, but doesn't have storage for our many essentials. Storage is a must! Add some jars to it, fill them up with your products and it's good to go!
Here are some ideas!
The White Company
The White Company
The Clueless Girl
On decorating rooms, be yourself but it doesn't hurt to have some tips. Check this post, and check Pinterest for inspiration, there is no other source like it! (or Houzz, for a more professional content...)
That it, for now!
Hopefully, Your Bathroom Will Become Great Again! 
Or Maybe It's you that don't see the Greatness, either way, Hope you Like!

Just for you to know, I Wasn't Sponsored by any of the links above! 
Check my disclaimer page!

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